Class of 1963

Ahead of the 50 year re-union of the great class of Churchie 1963, we have assembled…we’ll lets let’s call this a Reminiscence, a Blog, a Mish-Mash of memorabilia or whatever you like, it’s just a collection of all the information sent in by you and your colleagues ahead, largely from the register your details page, so whatever you want to share is up to you, but what a great way to catch up on the mates from yesteryear…..

But first, please note, for privacy reasons, access to these profiles is limited to those of us who were there, (you and me,) and hence are PASSWORD PROTECTED so you’ll need to get in contact with any of the committee to get your access details – He’ll just give you one simple password and you’re away.

Otherwise, enjoy reminiscing! Simply click on the name of the respective profile you wish to view and a new tab will open with that person’s profile after entering your password.

The Class of 1963:

Abbott, Ronald

Aberdeen, Wayne

Allen, Kenneth

Bennett, Anthony

Bird, Gary

Burton, Peter

Clarke, Bruce

Clymer, Fredic

Cooke, Roger

Crooke, Kenneth

Davidson, Michael

Dell, Tony

Dickson, Ian

Dickson, Paul

Early, Graham

Elworthy, John

Elphinstone, Derek

Forrest, John

Fry, Peter

Gardiner, Robert

Gardiner, Ross

Garratty, Michael

Gates, Peter

Goddard, Ian

Grant, Rob

Grantley, Keith

Gurney, Raymond

Hack, Keith

Hamwood, Gregory

Harland, Timothy

Heaslop, Will

Hopkins, Thomas

Houston, Ian

Hyne, Christopher

Johnston, Ross

Kennedy, Bruce

Kennedy, Peter

Krimmer, John

Lind, Keith

Love, Tony

Loveday, John

Lund, Greg

Matthews, John

McDonald, Peter

McMaugh, David

Mitchell, Peter

Monroe, Ronald

Newton, Nick

Noble, Wally

Nutt, Malcolm

Page-Hanify, Michael

Palmer, Don

Park, David

Perkins, Bruce

Pickering, Chris

Pike, John

Plumb, Ian

Sekuless, Peter

Shrapnel, John

Slack, Trevor

Smith, Glenn

Stabler, Graham

Sturgess, Scott

South, David

Tait, Ian

Teitzel, Ross

Trevethan, Peter

Underwood, Antony

Ure, Hugh

Vickery, Greg

Walsh, Roger

Walker, Gregory

Walton, Ronald

Webster, Wayne

West, Gregory

White, Frank

Williams, Ian

Williams, Michael

Williams, Malcolm

Wiltshire, Greg

Yates, Jim