Friday Night at the Smoko

We kicked the weekend off in style with a good old-fashioned ‘boys-only’ Smoko down by the Main Oval in the Brennan Pavilion, about 50 of us.

Our MC invited everyone to step up to the mike and bring us up-to-date with what’s been happening in their life, and then flicked the mike to Tom Hopkins to start the ball rolling.  Tom gave us an interesting overview on his last 50, most of which have been in the USofA, but then everyone else either got stage fright or maybe thought their own story so dull compared to Tom’s.  

Nevertheless we all appeared to enjoy catching up, some we recognised, some we didn’t, some of you have gotten older, some of us have kept our youthful looks, but that’s the way it goes I guess… anyway here’s digital evidence we were all there and mostly enjoying ourselves.

Now see how many faces you can recognise.