HELP WANTED! These class of ’63 members are on the run and we need your help tracking them down.  With your help, we are confident we can include most of these guys into our current list and at least give them the option of whether they want to participate and stay in touch.  Would you therefore please either contact them and give them our contact details or contact the Committee with their details.

Adler Ken
Boucher Keith James
Bowser Robert William
Buchanan Stirling Robert
Cross Michael Thomas
Emmett Peter Robert
Foote Michael Robert
Griffith Peter Thompson
Hooper David Loftus
Hoskins John Clifford
Jesser Bruce William
Lee Sik-yee
Llewellyn Dafydd James Rhys john
MacKenzie Alan Graham
MacNab Ian Rodney
Makucha Paul
Mathews Gregory Robert
Maxwell David Alexander
McBride Michael Douglas
McCloud Ross Victor
Michael Ross Wallington Henry
Miles David John
Mills Stephen Preston
Mules Warwick Phillip
Neale Philip Christopher
Nugent Kevin Roland Leslie
Parker Robert Gordon
Pearson William Charles
Perkins Bruce Graham
Phillips Geoffrey Robert
Powell Donald Maxwell
Rankin John Filip
Reynolds Michael James
Reynolds Noel William
Richards Keith Robert
Riddington Michael John
Royle Clive Arnold
Scott Dale Russell
Shearer Roger William
Skennar Trevor Lewis
Sly Lindsay Ian
Smart Martin Kenneth
Smith Alan James Hugh
Snowball David Robert
Squire Kenneth Allen
Stevenson Peter Anthony
Storie Richard Towers
Sutherland William Wallace
Theaker Ross Charles
Thomas Peter James
Thomson Malcolm Robert
Tilley Ian Geoffrey
Walker Garth William
Warburton David John
Watsford Richard Morris Stuart
Wilson Paul Charles
Winter Lance Clyde
Woods Walter Thomas
Woods John Edwin
Young Robert Atherton