Rest In Peace

To our 1963 brothers who are no longer with us, we celebrate their legacy:

There are a number of colleagues who have asked about those who have made their way to this page much too early.  Therefore, old school mates, other friends, and of course family, are most welcome to submit details of the life and of the passing of any of these guys who are no longer with us.  We’ll happily publish those details here at our own discretion, but clearly we are providing this information without, in most cases, the opportunity to validate the information first hand.

Nevertheless, please feel free to forward this information to BK and we’ll present it in good faith for everybody’s information.

Latest Addition to this List

Ian ‘Skin’ Fellows. November 2013. Ian sadly passed away at home last week after a protracted battle with the BigC. His funeral service is being held in Gladstone on Tuesday 26th, and I’m sure you’ll join me in a silent toast to an old mate we hadn’t seen for quite some time. He was a really good salt-of-the-earth guy. I did see him during a recent hospital stint in Brisbane, as did Greg Wiltshire and Dave McMaugh, and I think we were all impressed that even though he was in a far from happy space, his spirit was amazingly good. Farewell old Buddy.

 fellows-i-lFellows, Ian

 Babon G BBabon, Gary

Barrow C ABarrow, Charlie

Bonham A DBonham, Alf

Campbell S JCampbell, Stafford

Colbert R DColbert, Rex

Although Rex’s demise was unbelievably sad and unfathomable for us all as Seniors in the last term of our school life, it nevertheless happened. The whole circumstances were recently revisited when the Courier Mail printed the following article last week.

Reproduced with permission of Qweekend, The Courier-Mail.

John Deane-ButcherDeane-Butcher, John

Gee W RGee, Warwick Boaz

Greenfield A PGreenfield, Tony

anglican-church-grammar-school-crestHughes, David

Labatt A RLabatt,Andrew

Lacey P JLacey, Peter

anglican-church-grammar-school-crestLewis, Robert

Loveday J RLoveday, Johnny

Lucas J BLucas, John

Matthews B EMatthews, Bryan

McDougall B AMcDougall, Bruce

McCullagh M G McCullagh, Michael

Munro B JMunro, Barrie

anglican-church-grammar-school-crestPeters, Phillip

Samson D BSamson, Derek

Slack G VSlack, Gordon

Smallcombe  G VSmallcombe, Gary

Scudamore I AScudamore, Ivan

Uhlmann M WUhlman, Murray

Varley D EVarley, David

anglican-church-grammar-school-crestWhatmore, Phillip


Wilson V CWilson, Vince